Useful Information

We have put together the following table of what we think is useful airgun shooter information.




Air Rifle Pellet Database and Detailed info

Photos by Kev great close up images and accurate weights - Brilliant site

Diving Bottle & Airgun Fills Calculator & Energy Calculator

Here is a brilliant resource by Airgun HQ for calculating fills on airguns, air bottles and energy calculations.

How to maintain a PCP airgun

Field Target Shooting Explained Click Here
Hunter Field Target Shooting Explained Click Here

Uttings Quality gear for Field Target, HFT and hunting

Solware A great shop delivering great service for all your air gunning needs.

Rowan Engineering Make fantastic bespoke air rifle parts. A good place to start if you need something special.

Shooting The Breeze - A great source of information and a fantastic forum on everything to do with airgun sports.

Field Target World - A great new website dedicated to everything in the sport of Field Target Shooting and a great source of useful information.
The Midland Field Target Association (MFTA)

The British Field Target Association (BFTA)